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Stepson, It's Time To Fuck Me Or Leave

Conor is laying back on the couch as his Mom, Payton Hall, walks into the living room. Payton tells Conor that she is tired of him being so lazy, and just laying around all day. Payton tells her stepson that she has already packed all of his things, and she is tired of it. All he does is fuck girls all day, eat all the food, and lay around... and Payton is tired of it. "Mom, I'm still growing up... Give me a break." Payton strips off her robe, and tells Conor that she has needs that need to be met. Payton tells Conor that he can either help her out and fuck her, or move out. Conor is hesitant, but finally agrees in fear of getting kicked out. Conor starts to suck on his Mom's nipples, and Payton tells him to get down and lick her pussy. Conor strips off his clothes, and Payton plays with his cock with her heels. "It's so big now!" Payton starts to suck on Conor's cock. She lays back, and Conor climbs on top of her... shoving his cock deep inside of her pussy. Conor fucks his Mom hard, and then lays her on her side and continues to fuck her harder. Payton sits on Conors cock, and rides him from behind. Conor bends his Mom over, and fucks her from behind. "You're going to make Mommy sore... I like that." Conor flips his Mom over, and fucks her harder until he pulls out and cums all over her tits. "So, Do I get to stay now, Mom?" Payton tells Conor that if he keeps that up... he can keep staying.

Released:Mar 17, 2020
Studio: Horny Household Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:26 min