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It's Over! Anal Cuckold Break Up

Your sexy Girlfriend, Jennifer White, knows she looks nice - and she tells you just why she's brought you here. It's over between you two. Jennifer found someone better and bigger than you, and she just wanted to tell you that you'll never see her sexy body again. She starts to strip and show off her body, playing with herself and teasing you... showing you what you'll never have again. Jennifer invited the new guy over, and she's going to make you watch. She strips his pants and tells you thats what a real dick should look like. Jennifer sucks his cock right in front of you, and makes you watch up close. She gags on his big dick before he lays her on the couch and eats her wet pussy. Jennifer gets fucked right in front of you in all her holes - including that precious tight asshole that she never gave you - and you have to sit there and watch. Her new man cums all over her face, and you look into the eyes of the woman you'll never see again.

Released:Apr 18, 2020
Studio: Horny Household Clips
Length:55 min