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Fuck Stepmommy Right

Conor is sitting on the couch, scrolling through his phone as his Stepmom, Presley St.Claire, walks in the door.

"You'd think the whole county was out! Hi Baby, How are you doing?" Presley sits beside Conor, and begins to twirl his long hair with her fingers. Presley tells Conor she wants to talk to him about something, about the other night when she walked in on him and another girl.

"Mom, I don't want to talk about that." Presley tells Conor that he was doing such a good job pleasing that girl, and she was so proud of him.

"You were pounding the heck out of her! I'm just telling you I'm proud." Conor is shocked at what his Stepmom is saying. Presley tells Conor that she misses getting fucked, and she's just proud to see that her son treats other ladies so well. She tells Conor that since that girl ended up leaving after she walked in, and it was kinda her fault, that maybe they could do something. Presley starts to unbutton Conor's pants, and Conor is reluctant at first.

"Mom, I'm horny and you're hot.. But don't you think it's going to be weird after?" Presley continues to unbutton Conor's pants, telling him that it will all be okay, "I'll get something I want, and you'll get something you want."

Conor's Stepmom starts to slowly suck Conor's cock, getting him nice and hard. Presley strokes Conor's cock with her hands and licks all over his cock and balls. Conor's Stepmom climbs on top of him, and grabs his cock... sliding it into her wet pussy. She rides Conor's cock.. jumping up and down on it.

"Yes, Son... Put it deep." Presley lays back on the couch on her back, and Conor climbs on top of her. Conor shoves his hard cock deep inside his Stepmom as she lays on the couch. They turn to the side, and Conor fucks her harder. Conor flips his Stepmom over, and fucks her from behind. They switch in-between Presley sucking Conor's hard cock, to Conor fucking Presley from behind. Presley lays back on the couch, and Conor fucks her until he cums all over her pussy and stomach. "Thank you, Son..That was awesome. Next time Miss Busy Body calls, you can tell her... I'm covered!"

Released:Apr 20, 2020
Studio: Horny Household
Length:26 min