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Anal Satisfies The Landlord

Realtor Conor is showing Anastasia a house she is thinking of renting.

After showing Anastasia around she says she really likes the house but she doesnt think she can afford the rent.

Conor suggests to Anastasia that it is a big house and she should be able to find a roommate to help pay the rent. Anastasia tells Conor she doesnt want to have a roommate. She tells him a roommate will get in the way of her lifestyle.

Anastasia looks Conor over for a bit and then tells him she has an idea. She asks him if he is married or has a girlfriend. Conor tells her he isnt married and he currently is not seeing anybody.

He asks her what that has to do with renting the house. Anastasia ignores him and asks if he has ever fucked a girl in the ass before?!

Anastasia tells Conor that if he will cut the rent in half she will let him fuck her in the ass twice a month for the whole school year.

Conor responds that if Anastasia can prove to him that she can take him in the ass hell agree to her proposal.

Anastasia looks at Conor and says then lets seal the deal. She leans over starts kissing Conor. After Anastasia undresses, Conor kisses her again and then plays and licks with her nipples for a bit.

He then kisses down her body until he gets to her pussy. Conor then eats Anastasia's pussy and licks her ass until she cums. Anastasia then gives Conor a blow job before he starts fucking her hard in the pussy.

Then Anastasia proves hands down she can take him hard balls deep into her ass in a few different positions. Conor fucks her asshole with his long hard cock until he cums into her ass and watches it drop out!

Finally, she asks him Do we have a deal? Conor says yes.

Released:Aug 07, 2021
Studio: Horny Household Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:35 min

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