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Face Covered And Ass Smothered By Your Goddess

Conor is laying back comfortable on his bed when Anastasia busts in, and jumps on the bed. You scared the hell out of me! Anastasia grabs Conor by the face, You know you shouldnt talk to your Goddess like that. Anastasia thinks of the perfect way to punish Conor, by sitting on his face! Anastasia jumps on top of Conors face, and begins to ride his face with her ass. Anastasia smothers Conor with her ass until he . Anastasia laughs and slaps Conor on the face, tells him to wake back up Shes not finished with him yet. Anastasia continues to smother Conor with her ass, and ride his face. After a while, she finally gives Conor a break.. and jumps right back on his face, in the other direction. She sits on Conors face until he blacks out. Anastasia passes Conor out, and wakes him up..over and over.. Just to knock him out again with her big cheeks. Anastasia laughs and puts Conor to rest with her ass.

Released:Aug 12, 2022
Studio: Conor Coxxx Clips
Director: Conor Coxxx
Length:8 min

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